The 7 Stages Of Coping With Your Toddler’s Cold

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5. Cabin fever

cat trying to escape snowy door


The yard is a desolate, icy wasteland, but you still find yourself staring longingly at it through the window by the kitchen sink as you wash out the NoseFrida again. Soon, you whisper to the -3° wind chill. We’ll be able to go for a walk soon. And it’s going to be awesome.

6. Directionless anger

angry princess bubblegum


You can’t get angry at a small child for being sick, for STILL being sick after three week, because only a crazy person would do that. And you’re not crazy! Right?! Would a crazy person take their frustration out by screaming into and/or viciously biting a pile of dish towels? I think not.

7. Resignation



Your child has never not been sick. Your child came into this world sniffling and sneezing and he will always be sniffling and sneezing. It’s best to stop thinking about what life would be like without colds, because you will never again know a life like that. There is no ‘going to play dates’ or ‘leaving the house for non-essential reasons‘. There is only wiping leaky noses. This is your fate now. It’s best to embrace it without tears (because you’re long since out of the nice Puffs facial tissues and you’d have to blow your nose on a piece of paper towel).

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