62 Students Arrested For Going Completely Overboard With Their Senior Prank

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senior-prankIn the early hours of the morning, students at Teaneck High School in New Jersey sprayed silly string on floors, taped hot dogs to lockers, flipped desks, smeared Vaseline on doors and urinated in the hallways. 62 students were arrested. What happened to the good old days of toilet-papering a few trees and calling it a day?

Officers responded to a burglary alarm at the school around 2 a.m. Several students ran from the building, while others tried to hide inside. Urinating in the halls? Running and ‘hiding’ from armed officers. I’m afraid for the future. They had to bring a K-9 unit to find the students hidden in classrooms. All students are being charged with criminal mischief. Of the 62 arrested, 38 were juveniles. The 24 who weren’t will appear in Teaneck Municipal court. The juveniles were released to their parents.

Because of the number of students involved, it took police from 15 agencies to round up the little criminals:

Authorities said it was not immediately clear how the teens got into the school overnight.

More punishment could come from the district, Superintendent Barbara Pinsak told reporters.

“The district continues to assess the situation and is considering the consequences that we’ll impose on any students implicated,” she added.

It’s a little disheartening that out of 60-plus students, there was no one smart enough to say, Hey. Maybe we are going overboard, here. I know that there is such thing as a group mentality – and that’s probably what took over once they got into the school. I’m sure the school district is going to somehow make an example of these kids to ensure that this doesn’t happen again.

I hate these types of end-of-the-senior-year shenanigans, and wish there was some way to put them to a stop. An amazing, beautiful friend of mine died when I was a senior, after drinking and driving and crashing his truck into a mailbox on “senior cut day.” I understand kids being excited to be moving into adulthood – but we need to do a better job at letting them know that these types of acts will not be tolerated. No one was hurt in this scenario, but destroying property and urinating in the halls is ridiculous.

Good job, kids. Now you’re graduating with a criminal record.

(photo: Lissandra Melo/ Shutterstock)