The Story of a 6-Year-Old Girl Who Was Left on a Train Platform Will Freak You Out

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A mom hoping to give her children a fun and relaxing getaway instead experienced the biggest scare of her life when her six-year-old daughter was left on a train platform while she and her son were still on the train. Thanks to the kind and quick-thinking help from strangers, the girl was reunited with her family, but not before the train pulled away, leaving the little girl at the station screaming while her mother and brother tried to get the train to stop.

Debbie Shore, a mom from Calabasas, CA, was taking her twins down to Oceanside, CA, to visit Legoland. She decided they would take the train so she could “relax,” but the end of their ride was anything but relaxing. When the train arrived at their destination in Oceanside, Shore and her kids started grabbing their luggage. “I grab all the bags and they’re being helpful, too – they’re grabbing all their bags, and we go down the stairs,” Shore said to CBS News. She didn’t realize how much time had passed since the train had stopped, and the doors to the train closed just after her daughter stepped down onto the platform.


“The door just shut — and I’m standing there with my face right at the door. I think I had this blackout because it’s every mom’s nightmare to have their child outside of the train and you know it’s going to leave any second,” Shore said.

Witnesses said the little girl was standing on the platform screaming, “Mommy!” while Shore and other passengers —some on the train, some on the platform — did what they could to stop the train and open the doors. Most appallingly, there was a worker on the platform who appeared unwilling to help. “There was a workman standing outside the train and they were yelling at him saying ‘open the door, open the door, there’s a child out there’ and he just went – ‘sorry,’” Shore explained.

Thankfully, the little 6-year-old girl was immediately helped by strangers on the platform.

Shore’s daughter had to memorize her mom’s cell phone number for school, so the little girl was able to get in contact with her mom by calling her from a stranger’s phone. Shore said on Facebook that the stranger, herself a mom, took her daughter via Uber to the hotel the family was staying at. They were separated for about an hour in total.

Shore told CBS she is incredibly thankful for the help of strangers

“What would I have done without these people. I can’t thank them enough and I’m hoping they’re watching this,” Shore said.

(Image: Screenshot / CBS2)