6 Ways To Actually Entice My Daughter To A Disney 3D Re-Release

Yesterday, my daughter was having a bit of a rough day. She was a little tired, a little emotional and a whole lot of clingy when I picked her up from after-school care. Being the kind and doting mother that I am, I offered my little girl the chance to do whatever she wanted. We could go for a hike, head to the park, or even go catch a movie. When the only children’s movie playing that night at the theater close to us was the 3D re-release of Disney’s Finding Nemo, my daughter was not impressed at all.

I offered for us to go sit through a movie we’ve already seen plenty, just on a bigger screen. My daughter glared at me like I was crazy and asked, “Why would we go there? We have it at home.” I reminded her about the whole 3D business, she’s been to movies with it before and enjoyed the effect. This time, she wasn’t buying it. “What will that change?” she asked me. “Absolutely nothing…” I acquiesced. In case you’re wondering, we just hung out at home and ate some ice cream.

The conversation got me thinking though, because there’s been a whole lot of Disney re-releases lately, and there’s still more to come. We’ve seen Lion King, Beauty & The Beast and Finding Nemo so far. Monsters Inc. and The Little Mermaid are set for next year. One has to assume that Disney is spending time and resources on re-releasing things instead of making new movies, they want these things to be as successful as possible.

So I decided I would help the geniuses of Disney out. Maybe they haven’t met a lot of 4-year-olds lately, but they’re going to need something more than funny glasses to make kids interesting in seeing a movie they already know by heart out of the comfort of their own home. Remember, kids have to sit quietly during movies at a theater. That’s a big commitment. Why wouldn’t a child want to be able to jump up and down, pause for bathroom breaks and get refills on all their refreshments delivered directly to the couch?

What is Disney really bringing to the bargaining table if they want a young kid’s attention?

Here are some suggestions that might help them entice their little consumers. Instead of just relying on special effects, maybe Disney should give a couple of these a try. Then they’ll really get the kids piling in to these re-releases.


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