6 Tired Parenting Debates That Anderson Cooper Should Stay Away From

This week , Anderson Cooper ignited a flamewar that mothers everywhere seem to be getting tired of. A guest on the reporter-turned-daytime-talk-show-host called stay-at-home moms “lazy.” However, many moms didn’t respond with defensive condemnations or old Mommy Wars arguments. Plenty of ladies threw up their hands and said, “Get over it already!” Obviously, moms are ready to move on.

When Mommyish had its own “Mommy Wars Week,” we looked at the ways that this age-old battle has changed. We found that plenty of women out there stopped trying to argue about their choices and simply accepted that we all have the right to make our own. Our Editor, Shawna Cohen, made a brave assertion that many readers related to. For her, the mommy wars were all in her head. It was an internal pressure to prove herself, so much more than a need to compete with the parents around her. I think her story resonated because we all recognize that personal insecurity that can make us question our choices.

Women are ready to move past the Mommy Wars. Unfortunately, no one clued in the newest day-timer on the block. So in honor of Anderson’s mama drama, I thought we should put together a list of other tired mom-vs-mom battles that we’re done talking about. Just in case Mr. Cooper is trying to schedule any of these on-air catfights.


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