6 Easy Ways To Pull Off A Pregnant Zombie Halloween Costume

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Zombie enthusiasts, as well as those who are currently Googling Halloween costume ideas, know that zombie costumes are a thing. FURTHERMORE, pregnant zombie Halloween costumes are an even bigger thing, with some real winners popping up all over your various social media platforms. No need to hide that bump this Halloween when you emphasize it to scare the hell out of people.

1. Simple Pregnant Zombie


(photo:  LenaBeamish87)

Sure, you have to get somewhat involved with the makeup but depending on how far along you are, you can just wear your comfy maternity clothes and call it a costume.

2. The Walking Dead (For The Fans)


3. Baby Arms

pregnanthalloweencostumeThis one was big on the Twittersphere last year. Glue some baby arms on a simple white t-shirt that you could care less about and throw around some fake blood. No need to bother with masks, makeup, or anything else for that matter. You’ll scare the pants off of people all night long.

4. Baby Arms Plus Baby Legspregnantzombie4Take it up a notch.

5. The Baby Head Plus The Torn Clothes Rendition

pregnantzombie36. The Full Throttlepregnant zombie

Some of us are just so much more committed than others.

(photo: kaeko)