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It’s Been 6-Months Since Brad Pitt Split With Angelina Jolie, and Apparently He’s ‘Much Happier’ Now

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It’s been six months since Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie called it quits for good, but if you think the actor is still heartbroken about it, you’re probably wrong.

Sources close to Pitt have recently revealed that 53-year-old Pitt seems much happier these days, focusing on reconnecting and maintaining old friendships. The actor’s highly publicized divorce was certainly difficult to get through, but Pitt isn’t letting it get him down. In fact, he and Jolie see each other regularly as Pitt is now spending more time with his six kids.

According to PEOPLE, one source revealed:

“[Brad’s] much happier. He’s very relieved that things are not playing out in public anymore. It was a rough time, but they were able to resolve it. This is a work in progress.”

The Academy Award-winning actor and producer doesn’t appear to have any plans to start dating anyone–and if he does, he’s certainly doing an excellent job of keeping it under wraps. Instead, Pitt is mostly hanging out with old buddies, working out, and taking up new hobbies like sculpture.

53-year-old Pitt is also filling up his calendar with work. He’ll be starring in the upcoming sequal to World War Z as well as War Machine, a war “dramedy” slated for release this May. Additionally, he’s producing a number of projects, including a film called Brad’s Status (starring Jenna Fischer and Ben Stiller), and a TV mini-series about the explorations of Lewis and Clark.

Seems like the single life is working out just fine for Brad.