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This 5-Year Old Geography Genius Cracked Up Ellen With a Donald Trump Joke

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(Screenshot / EllenTube)

The best segments on The Ellen Degeneres Show (when she isn’t scaring someone) are when Ellen has on a child. Last week, Ellen invited five-year-old geography genius Nate Seltzer to demonstrate his knowledge, but it turns out he’s something of a comedian, too.

After Nate shared his favorite state (Missouri, because it starts with the letter M), Ellen had him tell the audience about some maps that he’d drawn. He pointed out the penguin he drew on Antarctica, a pyramid in Egypt, and a tiger on Africa.

“What is this right here?” Ellen asked, pointing. “That’s Russia!” replied Nate. “And what is that on Russia?” Ellen asked. “It’s really funny,” Nate whispered before turning to the audience, “It’s Donald Trump!” OMG savage. I bow down, Nate.

The audience roared with laughter and applause as Nate basked in their reaction, beaming. He even took two small bows, which just about killed me.

“Why is Trump on Russia?” Ellen followed up with. “Because he likes Russia,” Nate said in a matter-of-fact tone. Duh, Ellen.

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Besides excelling at geography and political shade, Nate was also able to identify the flags of foreign countries. Ellen quizzed him with pictures of flags and the young boy correctly identified all twelve. He could also name countries based on their shapes. Ellen’s audience rewarded Nate’s knowledge with applause, and the look on his face told me that he’ll never again do anything without the promise of applause.

At the end of the segment, Ellen surprised Nate with a ride-on car decorated with flags and a world map. “Oh my goodness! This is great!” exclaimed Nate. “Mommy has to see this!” And then, because he isn’t adorable enough, he said to Ellen, “Thank you very much!” Smart, funny, and good manners, too.