5 Strategies To Keep Your Kids Learning Over The Summer – Without Worksheets

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Pick the right camp

There are plenty of factors to consider when choosing a summer camp, but one important thing to consider is the actual educational content of the program. If it doesn’t stretch your budget too thin, you could even do a couple smaller camps with more educational focus.

Last year, my little one started a summer zoo camp. It’s not just a chance to pet snakes and see eagles up close, though she seriously loves that part. The camp works hard to make the kids think, and that’s what’s really important about summer learning. It doesn’t have to be writing or math problems, it just has to be engaging. So think about your child’s interests and find a program that will help them explore that area.

I can still remember attending space camp when I was a kid. Obviously I didn’t grow up to be an astronaut, but it was an amazing experience that taught me a lot and kept me thinking about the stars and space all summer long.

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