5 Strategies To Keep Your Kids Learning Over The Summer – Without Worksheets

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It’s a tough balance to find. You want your children to keep learning over the summer, but you also want them to get a well-deserved break. Teachers frequently lament the knowledge that’s drained during all those days by the pool and hours on the couch.

But what’s a parent to do? You don’t want to shove worksheets and flashcards at your kids all summer long. It’s called vacation for a reason.

My four-year-old daughter came home from pre-school on her last day when an alphabet book. She had been putting it together all year long, adding a letter every week with a corresponding picture. By the time the whole thing was done, she could recognize and identify all of her letters with minimal prompting. I’m proud of her accomplishment! But when I look at that book, which is now proudly displayed on our bookshelves, I worry about how many of them she’ll know when the summer ends.

After a year of working diligently to learn her alphabet, how much damage would three months without instruction do? That’s why I feel like we need to be committed to helping her learn all summer long. But I think that we need to do it in inventive and fun ways, so that it still feels like summer. I don’t want my little one tracing her name at the kitchen table every night, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t want her to practice her writing.

So here’s my plan for keeping my little one’s mind active and engaged all summer long. Hopefully, I’m going to do so without ruining her carefree summer. Let me know what tactics you use or if you think academics need to be addressed over the summer at all.

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