5 Reasons It’s Totally Cool To Have A ‘Favorite’ Child

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favorite childLooks like we can now welcome a father into our mommy shaming circle. One Canadian father may have been looking to have a frank parenting discussion when he openly named his eldest son “the favorite,” but as we all know, no candid parenting confession goes unpunished. Hey, he can take a seat next to Ayelet Waldman! Now the father is answering to a wealth of scrutiny surrounding the age-old “favorite child” Pandora’s box in which tomatoes are being hurled for voicing his preference.

This is where online parenting dialogues and the megaphone of the Internet get tricky. Although I absolutely believe parents are capable of having a favorite child — and good parents at that — proclaiming such a choice in public is fraught with all kinds of compromising implications for the other kids. Still, parents come to the blogosphere for quite a few reasons, and at least for Mommyish readers, I know that frankness is one of them. So while the rest of the blogosphere proceeds to sharpen their pitchforks over this “confession,” I say we delve into some understandable reasons for finding yourself picking favorites.

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