Watch This 5-Year-Old Interview Gavin McInnes About His Favorite Plant

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gavinmcinnesHere we have the lovely and cheeky 5-year-old Lyla Butler interviewing none other than the “godfather of hipsterdom” himself, Gavin McInnes, (of Street Carnage and Vice fame). As she interviews him for “Five Questions by a 5-Year-Old” by FKR.TV, hilarity ensues.

My personal favorite part is when Lyla asks McInnes about his favorite plant and he says, without hesitation, marijuana. Because of course he did (he’s awesome). Lyla is adorably precocious for a 5-year-old, and her comic timing is already pretty sharp.

FKR.TV is a new web channel from Syd Bulter and  David Cross and will apparently include comedy, music and interview programming featuring the likes of Fred Armisten, Amber Tamblyn and Amy Carlson. 

Upcoming episodes of “Five Questions by a 5-Year-Old” will include Passion Pit and Modest Mouse.