5 Moms Who Love Their Kids But Hate Being A Mom

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vintage pregnant momParenthood can be a soul exhausting experience. Day in and day out diaper changing, cooking for picky palates, soothing, bed time management, and school shuttling can grate on any human. But stigmas regarding how much and what you can complain about pervade motherhood. While it’s semi-safe to bitch about how you don’t enjoy a particular avenue of motherhood or have fleeting moments of regretting having kids, coming right out and saying “I hate being mom” is the kind of sentiment that can clear a room. That’s why every time some lone mommy blogger goes there, they always lead in with “I love my children, but…”

I happened upon the following women and their stories during my routine mommy discussion board visits. They’re united in the feeling of being duped by parenting mythologies, or rather a “fairy tale,” according to one. They all claim to hate being a mom but they all maintain that they love their children. The space between those two experiences may be a lot wider than we often times think.

1. TV Commercials Are Lieshatemothering1

2. Nobody Tells You How Awful It Ishatemothering2

3. WTF Did I Do?


4. Can’t Even Take A Dumphatemothering4 5. I Feel Alone All The Timehatemothering6(photo: deflam)