5 Gender-Permissive Parenting Tactics You Probably Do Without Realizing

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gender-neutral parenting

Gender-neutral — or gender-permissive — parenting is a controversial topic in modern parenting circles. The umbrella term can consist of variety of tactics that don’t necessarily mean that you”ll be withholding your kid’s gender from neighbors and friends. Some may hear “gender-neutral parenting” and envision a strict home free of pink or blue clothes and boring toys that never sparkle. But the truth is that in these modern times, many parents are probably practicing gender-permissive parenting —  and for the sake of producing healthy and happy kids. As experts told us not too long ago, anything from indulging your daughter’s love of superheros to letting your son wear a purple shirt count as gender-permissive parenting given that you’re breaking with traditional norms. Such strategies hopefully allow boys and girls the space to simply be who they are, not just who we want them to be.

Many parents may not be all about stocking their little boy’s closet full of skirts or dressing their girl up like Shiloh Jolie-Pitt, but if we’re really going to be truthful to definitions on this hotly debated parenting trend — many of us our guilty. And helping your daughter win a math prize or compete in a sports tournament are hardly grounds to deduct parental points.


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