5 Crazy Birth Stories That May Or May Not Be Trolling

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The mommy blogosphere is full of birthing stories — and I’m not just talking about what makes it to an editor’s eyes. Our own articles alone are brimming with readers always chiming in with how their own epidural failed, how lame their doula turned out to be, or how successful their homebirth was — usually in nothing less than few sizable paragraphs. Nothing starts an online conversation like a birth story.

In my Mommyish tenure, I’ve paid special attention to these lengthy comments — both on my own platform and that of others. But between your fairly standard “ring of fire” mini-novels, I occasionally encounter a slightly wackier experience.

The following crazy birth stories/birth plans may just be trolling, but in this day and age of dolphin-assisted births, I sometimes can’t tell the difference.

1. Cat-assisted birth

cat assisted birth

And here I was joking.

2. Doula willing to go to jail

crying doulaSounds legit?

3. Koi-assisted birth

koiassisted birth

Internet sleuthing has revealed this to be trolling, but nevertheless satirically brilliant.

4. Louis Armstrong birth

Weird Louie Armstrong Birth

You lost me a tweeting birds that have to be blue.

5. Doula catch

Almost gae birth in the toilet

No amnio fluid in the eye, please.