5 Benefits Same-Sex Families Can Hope To Receive Now That DOMA Is Dead

Ding dong DOMA is dead! Don’t let the door hit you on the way out and please don’t bother to keep in touch. The ruling by the Supreme Court stands to give same-sex families — and their hypothetical children — a slew of federal perks/rights. Pop the champagne because we’re looking at all kinds of benefits for same-sex families! Accompanied here with some of the best Twitter reactions.

1.  Social Security Survivors’ Benefits

Same-sex partners will be able to get assistance/Social Security/entitlement upon the death of a partner. What’s up Edith Windsor?

2. Family and Medical Leave Act


DOMA prohibited same-sex families from being able to use what little maternity leave/family leave we have available as Americans. Now queer people can bitch about that measly 12-week maternity leave too!

3.Tax-Free Employee Health Insurance


Healthcare for same-sex couples without any unnecessary taxing! Dollar bills!

4. JOINT Tax Returns

DOMA tweetEstate tax exemptions and head of household deductions. It’s sexy when you say it slowly.

5. Visas and Green Cards


Two husbands or two wives will be able to lobby the federal government for green cards or visas for their non-American same-sex partner. YES WE CAN.

(photo: Beijersbergen / Shutterstock)

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