4-Year-Old Used Siri to Save His Mom’s Life

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(YouTube / Metropolitan Police)

A four-year-old British boy is a legit hero after calling emergency services for his unconscious mom. Roman, who lives outside of London, took his mother’s iPhone, used her thumbprint to unlock it, then asked the Siri function to call emergency services.

Poor little Roman, who was home with his mom, twin brother, and younger brother, kept a cool head in a situation that would have sent even adults into a panic. In the 999 recording, released by the Metropolitan Police, Roman is calm and matter-of-fact while explaining to the emergency services operator what’s happening.

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Operator: Hello, this is the police. What is your emergency?
Roman: Hello, I’m Roman.
Operator: Where’s your mummy?
Roman: She’s at home.
Operator: Where are you?
Roman: At home as well.
Operator: Can you do me a favour? Can you go and get mummy?
Roman: We can’t, she’s dead.

OOF. And he says it in his adorable little accent, which just about made my heart explode.

Operator: You said mummy was there – what do you mean she’s dead?
Roman: It means that she’s closing her eyes and she’s not breathing.

Points to Roman for not adding, “DUH!”

Operator: Can you go to your mummy and shake her for me?
Roman: She’s not waking up.
Operator: Give her a good shake, shout out ‘Mummy’.
Roman: Mummy! It didn’t work.

Uh, because she’s dead, remember?

The operator went on to ask Roman his address, which he dutifully recited. Emergency services arrived within 12 minutes, and they were able to revive Roman’s mother. After a visit to the hospital, she was released and is expected to be fine.

This is a fantastic reminder to all parents to make sure your children know what to do in an emergency. The only thing my almost four-year-old knows how to do on my iPhone is post embarrassing photos to my Facebook page, so I clearly need to get on the stick.