Annoyed Preschool Expels 4-Year-Old Because Of Mom’s Bitchy Facebook Post

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A preschooler in Florida has been expelled from the private Christian school he attends because the school was less than happy about something his mom said on her private Facebook page. My kid attends a church-run daycare and this is basically my nightmare. I was totally on her side until I read that she tagged the school in her bitchy post. That was a dumb idea.

Ashley Habat was upset the school didn’t give parents enough time to plan for picture day, so she vented about it on her private Facebook page. Facebook is becoming the “Yelp” of life. Her post read:

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She tagged the school in her post, because she clearly doesn’t understand how Facebook works, or what the rules of shit-talking about your kid’s school are. Rule number one: do it behind their back. Rule number two: do it behind their back. The next morning she received a call that told her to swing by the administrator’s office after she dropped her son off for school. Oooh. Busted! From News4Jax:

According to the letter of dismissal, Habat’s “relationship with Sonshine did not get off to a very good start the first day of school. … You utilized social media to call into question not only the integrity but the intelligence of our staff. … These actions are also consistent with sowing discord, which is spoken of in the handbook you signed.”

Mom says, “I was in shock. Why would you expel a 4-year-old over something his mom posts on her private Facebook page only people on her friends list can see?” Probably because you brought it to their attention, genius. Why would you do that? Everyone knows you are supposed to passive-aggressively smile at every annoyance that happens at school, right? Am I the only one who knows this? There’s some crazy anti-choice booth in the lobby of my son’s church-run daycare. If I were to complain about it on Facebook, or make some off-color joke (as I am wont to do), I certainly wouldn’t tag them. That’s just Facebook 101.

Sorry you have to find a new preschool, but this is really your own fault. Also, a week is plenty of time to prepare for picture day.

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