A Bachelor Dedicated To Baby-Making: 36-Year-Old Virgin Fathers 15 Kids

sperm donorMarriage, family, and baby-making don’t seem to interest Trent Arsenault conventionally-speaking. But the celibate man takes his free sperm donor calling very seriously and seems to be helping many couples in need.

New York Magazine‘s piece on Trent and his path to free sperm donating is a fascinating read not so much in the paradox of a  bachelor being so invested in family-building, but rather that he seems to take his body and baby-making potential first priority. The virgin keeps himself on a carefully researched regimented diet of healthful smoothies, routine exercise, and never places a laptop on his lap for fear of decreasing his sperm count. When not working in Silicon Valley in the technology field, he connects with couples struggling with infertility on his website. [tagbox tag=”sperm donor”]

New York Magazine writes that Trent has pretty much “optimized” his body for nothing much else than awesome sperm production. He attributes his investment not in vanity, but to hearing women’s struggles with infertility in church growing up. However, those close to the reclusive hacker suggest otherwise for his calling, overlooking compassion as a possible factor. Nevertheless, regardless of Trent not making any profit of his donations, the FDA isn’t pleased with his efforts. In fact they served him with a ”cease manufacture” order in 2010.  But since being reprimanded for his sperm donations, he has received even more media attention prompting even more families to visit his website and strike up a correspondence. And despite Trent’s loner demeanor, it’s kind of easy to see why. His statistics listed on his website read like most prospective parents’ dream.

Trent has never smoked, drank, or used substances. He was musically-inclined as a child, was raised in a religious home, loves to hike, and attended a US Naval academy to study engineering and computer science. And in one donor scenario, fathered twins. No wonder the Feds are trying to shut this guy down. Aside from the possibility that he could end up fathering 150 kids, one look at his stats could very well put sperm banks out of business.

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