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Girl Who Vowed To Make 300 Sandwiches To Earn An Engagement Wins, I Guess

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10312091_409340312540445_5473530121210163907_nI’m sorry to bring up 300 Sandwiches girl, months after her stupid story had found it’s rightful place in that part of your brain stored for things that mean so little you will never visit them again, but I can’t help it. The girl ruined a perfectly good food blog about sandwiches by making it about earning a proposal from her douche boyfriend. That’s right, her boyfriend promised her if she could make 300 sandwiches he would be hers forever.

Let me refresh your memory a little:

I realized what it would take to get him to commit after the first time I made him a turkey on whole wheat bread,  with mustard,  lettuce and swiss cheese.

“Honey,  this is the best sandwich ever!” he exclaimed in between bites so rapid in succession,  the sandwich was gone in minutes. And then,  he dropped a bomb me: “You’re, like, 300 sandwiches away from an engagement ring.”

Sorry. I just had to throw up in my mouth a little. I love the “fairy tale” that claims women need to “earn” the love of their partners, don’t you? Because women are the only ones who want to get married, right? Men are way too fantastic to be tied down to just one woman, and once they do decide to commit, their lives are pretty much over – so at least they should get 300 good sandwiches out of the deal. Well guess what? He proposed. After 257 fucking sandwiches. Ugh – I hate it when people don’t finish what they start:

The day after I arrived in Barbados, E had a big shocker for me: he asked me to marry him.

I was working on sandwich #257. I guess neither one of us could wait until #300.

I said yes, by the way.

Words cannot express how extraordinarily happy I am. Not because I have a engagement ring, but because I’m going to spend the rest of my life having ridiculously amazing adventures with my soul mate.

Congratulations, I guess. I’m just bitter because this gimmick earned this woman a book deal. But who cares about a book deal when you can spend the rest of your life having ridiculously amazing adventures with your soul mate, am I right?

I can’t wait for her next book deal – 300 Blowjobs, about her adventures in “earning” a baby.

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