3-Year-Old Boy Playing on Motorized Mini-Truck Stopped by Police and Given a Speeding Ticket

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Plenty of folks feel the need for speed, but none are more adorable than this 3-year-old Canadian. Meet Nathan Snow, a toddler from Fort McMurray, Alberta. Last Sunday, little Snow was busy driving around in his motorized F-150 mini-truck when he got pulled over by an RCMP officer for reportedly driving “too fast!”

The young boy likely didn’t know what to expect when he saw the cruiser lights flashing right up behind him. His parents, of course, were with Snow, and when the officer asked if it was alright to pull him over, they gave the OK. That’s when the officer bent down to speak with the boy, handing him a ticket for speeding.

It seems the boy didn’t mind this first encounter with a police officer, and according to his mother, Heather Snow, the toddler now makes sure to always point out cops when they’re around.

“Now every time we go out somewhere and he sees a cop car he says ‘oh there’s the police,’” the mother told Global News, adding, “We’re trying to teach him that those are his friends.”

Snows parents stated that they were grateful for the experience. Watch the entire encounter unfold in the video below: