Apparently, You Can Drink Up To 25 Cups Of Coffee A Day Without Harming Your Heart

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Now, we’re coffee lovers around here. We make no apologies for it! When you have kids, sometimes you need that cup of sweet, life-giving brew. And we’re not talking about just a cup in the morning. It definitely helps when they wake up before the sun, but we also need a little boost when they decide to skip their nap for the day or suddenly have the energy (and temperament) of a honey badger. So we’ve been known to throw back a few cups on any given day! Luckily for us, a few cups isn’t going to do any harm. In fact, a new study says that drinking as many as 25 cups of coffee a day won’t increase your risk of heart attack. That’s … a lot of coffee, you guys. Better put on another pot.

Do you think you could drink 25 cups of coffee in a single day? Well, if you want to try, at least your heart will make it through.

25 cups of coffee

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Previous research suggests that drinking coffee can increase your arterial stiffness, which puts you at a greater risk for having a heart attack or stroke. But a new study claims that’s all bunk. Researchers in the UK studied more than 8,000 people and their coffee consumption habits. Participants were divided into three categories: those who drink less than a cup a day, those who drink between 1-3 cups a day, and those who drink more than three cups a day. They excluded people who drank over 25 cups of coffee a day, presumably because they couldn’t get them to sit still long enough to undergo testing, LOL. Participants underwent MRI heart scans and infrared pulse wave tests.

The difference between 25 cups of coffee a day and 3 cups of coffee a day? Not a whole lot!

The results were corrected for other factors, like weight, diet, smoking habits, and age and gender. But overall, people who drank 25 cups of coffee a day didn’t have more arterial stiffness than those who drank significantly less coffee per day. So the risk of heart attack or stroke is roughly the same no matter how much coffee you consume. But, just because you CAN drink 25 cups of coffee a day, doesn’t mean that you should. Be mindful of your own body’s tolerance of caffeine! And also, drinking that much coffee everyday would mean a lot of time on the toilet for … various reasons. Who has time to poop that much?

The lesson here: if you need that extra cup of joe (or three) some days, go ahead and indulge.