Mass Horror Movie-Like Fetus Dumping Ground Discovered And There Might Be More

fetusIn what I’m certain will now make it’s way into the initial scene in a horror film, Russian villagers stumbled across a mass fetus dumping in a forest — and there might be others.

The grisly scene has prompted an investigation as to how four barrels containing 248 fetuses came to be dumped in a forest, as Russia requires them to be incinerated immediately along with embryos. All fetuses were preserved in formaldehyde and tagged with numbers and last names. All of them are between 22 and 26 weeks in age. Investigators are sniffing around two suspects: a waste disposal company run by the city of Ekaterinburg and the Urals Medical Academy. The Huffington Post reports that the Academy and the disposal company have been regularly dumping “human waste,” including human fetuses, in unauthorized — and therefore — random locations.

So what accounts for random fetus dumping against protocol? That smelly formaldehyde, apparently:

“The embryos first had to be incinerated,” said one employee who was present as the trucks were being loaded. “From what I understood the cargo was not accepted as it was wet, covered in formaldehyde, and was therefore simply taken to a forest. Prior to that, they were normally dumped into coffins and taken away for incineration.”

Russian investigators were told from one academy employee that 14 barrels containing fetuses were dumped in May — meaning that there are still 10 barrels laying around somewhere.

It’s unclear now whether the disposal company or the academy will be charged, but theories are already spinning regarding illegal cloning, creepy experiments, illegal abortions, or some sort of “research material” by a former academy employee. Because abortions are illegal after 12 weeks (with exception for the life of the mother being in danger), these fetuses are even more suspect:

Elena Mizulina, head of the State Duma Committee on Issues of Family, Women and Children, believes this incident is a case of mass illegal abortions, which she says are rife in the country.

”Such abortions are illegal,” she said in an interview to newspaper Izvestia, ”because they are performed at stages when it’s dangerous for the mother, and is the murder of a rather developed embryo. What were found in those containers are not embryos they are killed unborn human beings.”

Mizulina believes the means of disposal itself in a forest in the Urals Mountains, and not in the proper facility shows the criminal intent of whoever was involved in this gruesome act.

”This is probably an attempt to cover up a criminal activity. Whoever did this might have been expecting a visit from medical or law enforcement inspectors and wanted to get rid of incriminating evidence,” Mizulina said.

And with that, my “scarey movie” quota for the year has been met.

(photo: Monkey Business Images/ Shutterstock)

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