People Are Trolling 23andMe With These Incredibly Funny 23andMemes

Ancestry and DNA mail-in services have gotten incredibly popular over the last couple of years. Who can resist finding out where your people came from? All it takes it a quick cheek swab, some patience, and around $100. And voila! Your family’s ancestry is delivered right to your inbox. It’s really funny to read stories of people who got results that were incredibly surprising. Or stories of people who were hoping for something interesting, and got results that were like, congrats you’re very white! 23andMe is one of these ancestry services, and people are having a little fun at their expense. They’re making memes showing their “ancestry” and some of these are honestly hilarious.

The 23andMe memes poke fun at some of the results people get, and what they wish they’d gotten.

Poor Skee-Lo, LOL. He WISHES he was all of those things.

I legit laughed out loud at “mixed Gay & Skinny”. Such a diverse tapestry!

Admit it: you read this and immediately started to sing that song, didn’t you. Also these results are uncomfortably close to what I suspect my own ancestry would be. Maybe slightly less lover and child, and slightly more mother and sinner.

16% midnight toker? I feel like that would be higher for … so many people I know.

100% That Bitch. Sounds about right!

I really appreciate that 78% not good enough for her. It’s funny because it’s true!

While it’s fun to joke about ancestry results (and really, take them with a grain of salt), services like 23andMe do provide a vital service to people who don’t know enough about their ancestral or medical histories. I have a friend who was able to connect with family she didn’t even know she had because she found them on a shared DNA site. That’s pretty amazing, when you think about it.

So if you do one of these DNA tests, I hope it yields the results you were hoping for. And I hope you make a meme about them and share it with me.

(Image: Instagram/@23andme)

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