21 Things Being A Barista Taught Me About Motherhood

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When I became a Starbucks barista during my college years, I envisioned days of learning how to whip up frothy coffee creations and a lifetime supply of free baked goods. What I didn’t expect was to absorb, however, along with the smell of freshly-ground espresso, was a preparation for my future as a parent. Who knew there could be so many parallels between serving up coffee to sleep-deprived college students and motherhood? Although, I admit, maybe I should have seen the sleep deprivation thing coming…

Here are 21 lessons on motherhood gleaned from my life as a professional coffee maker:

1. Sometimes, whipped cream can make anything better.

whipped cream

Enough said.

(photo: Seosaid/ flickr)

2. Expensive is not always better.


At $10 or $2, that coffee is still a coffee. The same may be said for diapers.

(photo: polyfaze / flickr)

3. Everyone needs to eat cake for lunch at least once.


It’s kind of a must.

(photo: flickr)

4. Fancy names can work wonders.3617036447_211e90a0c9

You better believe I’m going to pretend that PB & J is a “super-special, top-secret-spy-girl” sandwich just so my kid will eat it. After all, that “gourmet-three-blend cheese sandwich on freshly-baked artisan bread” is just a grilled cheese, right?

(photo: Beauty Playin ‘E/ flickr)

5. Presentation is everything.


There’s a reason why they make dinosaur chicken nuggets.

(photo: flickr)

6. We all need a break.

shutterstock_78645643Sometimes, there really is nothing better than escaping to a little café for the afternoon with your laptop and a fresh source of caffeine.

(photo:  Irina Rogova / Shutterstock)

7. Outlets are tantalizing, no matter what age.shutterstock_39106624

Ever witnessed the gleam in your baby’s eyes when he first spots your home outlets? Nothing compared to the mad rush for outlets in the morning at a coffee shop.

(photo: XAOC/ Shutterstock)

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