20 Retro Kitchens That I Need In My House

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I have a fairly big kitchen considering that I live in a city that could feasibly charge 900 hundred dollars a month for the space of my bathroom. I have a decent-sized counter upon which to make many a cupcake, and I delight in finally having enough space to do so. But my kitchen is still far from those grownup fantasies I have about matching breadboxes that coordinate with my sugar bowls. It’s still just your basic kitchen in which my biggest high-five to myself is that the dishes are clean and everything is put away and the sinks have been wiped. Occasionally I have a cute dish towel. That’s it.

While I am pretty stoked about being a millennial woman with millennial-lady rights (that is, if they’re not taken away from me), I squee for retro/vintage kitchen aesthetics. That and blue ovens.

1.The Light Pink Explosion Kitchen

pink kitchen

(photo:  outhouse man)

2. The Dainty Kitchen

vintage kitchen

(photo:  the vintage cottage)

3. The Gingham Kitchen

vintage kitchen3(photo: jacksonjamie)

4. The Turquoise -ish Kitchen

vintage ktchen 4

(photo:  urbancasita)

5. The Mint Kitchen

light green kitchen

(photo: Holly Abston)

6. The Less Mint, More Light Green Kitchen

green kitchen

(photo:  eg2006)

7.  The Hearts Kitchen

hearts kitchen

(photo: Stylish Tile Ideas)

8. The Retro Blue Kitchen

Blue kitchen

(photo:  kentonandersonphotography)

9. The Movie Set Kitchen

vintage kitchen

(photo:  NormandyDude)

10. The Crafty Kitchen

turquoise kitchen

(photo: Lora Jabot)

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