20 Perfect Toddler Lunches That Will Make You Feel Like A Crappy Mom

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11. The wheels on the bus….

truck bento

…make your kid’s lunch go round.


12. Critters in the food

partfait bento

Legit question: do you think those critters are edible or just decoration?

(photo: sherimiya ♥)

13. Elmo

cookie monster bento

You knew he would show up sooner or later.


14. The puzzle pieces are backelephant bento

With more meat and cheese rolls.



autistic awareness bento

Kicking it up a notch.


16.Oscar the Grouch

oscar the grouch bento

Because he matches the green theme you have set for this meal.


17. Cheese…. suns?

holiday bento

What do you do with the scraps from said cheese suns, I wonder. Give them to the dog?


18. Elmo 2.0

elmo bento

Back again.


19. Sandwich hearts

heart bento

In a pink container! Could appropriately follow that shoes and grape ring number.


20. Pig faces

pig lunch

Show off.

(photo:  alitak888)

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