20 Amazing Mother-Son Tattoos That Will Catch Your Eye

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The colors on these mother-son tattoos are just stunning.

mother son tattoo

Image: Instagram / @allison.kaylene

Once again, you have to toggle to the next picture to get the full effect of these mother-son tattoos. We absolutely LOVE watercolor tattoos, and honestly, they’re hard to do right. This mama and her son obviously did their research when looking for a tattoo artist (so essential!). Mama fox is looking down at her kit, and little fox is jumping up at his mama. Such a beautiful representation of the relationship between a mother and her son. If you’re going to commit to a mother-son tattoo, best make it as amazing as it can be, right? Mission accomplished, family.

Which of these mother-son tattoos is your favorite? Would you ever consider getting inked with your kid? And what would you guys get as a symbol of your relationship?

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