20 Amazing Mother-Son Tattoos That Will Catch Your Eye

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OK, these mother-son tattoos are so cool, and this guy is way more clever than we could ever hope to be.

mother son tattoo

Image: Instagram / @lauranicole447

We stared at this for so long, and then read the caption, and suddenly our eyes were like, “OH MY GOD DUH!” The caption says, “Cody drew an ambigram of our last names. We got the same tattoo, but his faces one way; Jones, and mine is flipped; Puckett. I have no idea how he figured out this was possible, but I love this kid to the moon and back.” We have no idea either, but what a smart cookie she raised! Just another example of how personal and unique mother-son tattoos can be. Surely, there are not two people with these exact same tattoos in the entire world.

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