20 Amazing Mother-Son Tattoos That Will Catch Your Eye

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Image: iStock / Venerala

There are two kinds of people in this world: those who choose to mark special occasions or memories on their skin in permanent ink, and those who stick to photo albums, thank you very much. We are firmly Team Tattoo, and have quite a few of our own. It’s a big decision, and not one to be taken lightly! We used to fret about how society would perceive people with visible tattoos. And sure, some parents still worry about that when it comes to their kids getting inked! But for the most part, people have a much more open mind about them now. One of the coolest tattoos you can get (in our opinion) is one in honor of your kids. Parenting is permanent, just like tattoos, right? There are lots of ways to pay tribute to your kids through tattoos, but these mother-son tattoos are some of our favs.

The mother-son relationship is one of the tightest bonds there is! Obviously, the bond between any parent and child is unbreakable. But there’s just something so special about a mama and her boy. It’s a different connection than between mother and daughter or father and son. Mamas raise boys who are going to be good men, and that is such an important job. So memorializing that relationship with a matching tattoo is definitely a sweet idea. These mother-son tattoos range from matching to abstract. But they’re all indicative of a very special bond.

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