2-Year-Old Toddler Shoots Self In Tragic Gun Accident

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Gun safety is an issue of high priority, especially when it comes to our children. Unfortunately, though, proper precautions aren’t always taken, and tragedies occur. One recent case is that of 2-year-old Benson Jones of High Point, North Carolina, who accidentally killed himself with a gun this past weekend.

According to FOX8, the toddler shot himself in the head on Saturday afternoon and was rushed to a nearby hospital. He passed away just a few hours later. The incident is currently under investigation. It’s unclear how the child accessed the gun.

According to the toddler’s neighbor, Marvin Johnson, little Benson was home with his father. The dad asked Johnson if he had any toys his son could play with. The father was still outside on his cellphone when a gunshot was heard from inside the house.

“When the baby fell the daddy jumped up and said, ‘My baby just shot himself’ and that’s when San and I rushed over to the yard to see what we could do to help you know,” said Johnson.

Over 20 children have died or been injured from gun violence since the start of 2017. Should parents choose to keep a firearm in the house, it is of the utmost importance that they make sure the guns are safely locked away where children cannot reach them.