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19 Kids And Counting: In Which Jill Has A Mansion And Jessa Has Mold

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The sleepover is pretty adorable. Of course, there are numerous references to how this is preparing Derick for fatherhood. Because what else do Duggars do? Derick paints their fingernails and they eat chocolate fondue. They read them Bible passages and send them off to sleep. How lovely-Michelle gets her night off from half of the kids she insisted on having and Derick gets parenting practice.

Back at the compound, Joyanna is laid up in bed because she’s just had her wisdom teeth removed. Michelle mentions how Joy seems to be enjoying “the break” and having the little kids wait on her. Jesus, Duggars. Kids have to get giant teeth violently wrenched from their skulls to get a little R&R? I can’t even with these people sometimes.

Back to the sleepover, Josie is enthralled and never wants to leave. Probably because she is a name and not just Kid #19. Jill spoon-feeds her and she seems delighted at the attention. Jinger stops by to pick them all up (again, where dafuq is Michelle) and takes them home.

Jessa is surrounded by the women in her family as she messes around online looking at bridesmaid dress options. She sees one she likes and says it’s around $100 but that she was hoping to have it be even cheaper. Awesome Grandma Duggar pipes up and says “isn’t that about standard?” and Jessa gives her a look that could turn her to stone. MAN, she’s over it with this whole “20 opinions on her every move” nonsense. I can’t say I blame her. Of course, Michelle says she likes the dresses with longer sleeves and the little girls attempt to explain modest dress in an interview segment, which is sad. The boys note that there really are no modesty restrictions on men (of course) and Michelle is all “teehee but no tight pants!” and for once I agree. Because I do not want to see a line-up of Duggar boners at this wedding.

The finale of the episode is Jill and Derick’s big pregnancy announcement, a whole 20 minutes after their wedding. They drop by for an impromptu visit during the family’s Bible time, which again, does not seem AT ALL staged by the TLC production crew. Jim Bob and Derick engage in a lovely side-hug, lest The Boob be tempted. The couple are welcomed and Jill launches into her lines confession about how she “stole” something from their house the day before. Jim Bob looks like he may smite her where she stands until she admits it was a pregnancy test. And it was positive! Everyone freaks out and runs to congratulate them. Side-hugs all around. Except Jessa, who appears to be seething with bitterness. Ben helpfully notes that “they beat us…again” and Jessa looks like she may strangle him. Ah, young love.

The episode closes out with Jim Bob doing some quick math, trying to figure out how many Christian Soldiers his kids might produce for them. He thinks it not out of the question for them all to have 10 kids each and that would amount to 190 grand-children. Because that’s normal. Whatever, I am done for tonight with these people.

That’s it for this week! Join us next week where it would appear that Jessa is trying on wedding dresses. I can’t wait to see Michelle burst into flame when she picks the sinful pink one instead of pristine white.

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