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19 Kids And Counting: In Which Jessa Can’t Turn On Her Oven And Derick Learns To Daddy

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Moving on, the girls’ room at the compound is being redecorated. Duggar family friend Cindy (whom you may remember as the friend who took Michelle to the gym the weekend of their high school reunion) is on hand to assist, as she knows about colors and whatever. Jana talks about how their bedroom is too “little girly” and needs to be updated and you guys, I want to get this girl a fabulous apartment in a big city so badly. Can you imagine being 25 years old and forced to share your bedroom with a passel of kids? #FreeJana

Jim Bob goes into a creepy monologue about how the girls’ room has always been his favorite room in the house and that he has so many memories there. Why, Boob? Why do you have to be so creepy all the damn time? He’s so moony-eyed over the horse mural on the wall and I’m all DUDE you’re like, 48. And a man. STOP IT. Michelle says he’s just sad that the girls are growing up, which is weird, because unless they’re Benjamin Buttoning, his boys are growing up too. Why so much more emotional over the girls? I guess it’s really tough replacing that free household help once they fly the coop.

Time for Jill to go shopping for nursery decorations and she takes Michelle and Jessa with her. They’re at a super posh-looking baby boutique and none of it looks used to me! I’m thinking this was swag from TLC or from the baby store for the publicity. I know expensive baby stuff when I see it (because I could never afford it) and this is some seriously pricey gear. Jill claims to be nesting, which I think is just a 20-year thing for Duggar women, while Michelle prattles on about how different things are now with baby furniture compared to when she had her babies. They end up picking out a rug, a glider and bedding with Michelle squealing all the way. Watch out, Jill. She might climb a ladder through your palace window and steal your baby up.

There is more whining from Boob about the wall mural being painted over but Cindy won’t hear of it. There is some creepy sexual tension between the two of them, for sure. I can see it from Boob’s end because Cindy is pretty smokin’ but how on earth anyone besides Michelle could be attracted to Jim Bob is beyond me. Maybe he puts out a musk that cannot be detected through a TV screen that’s like cat nip for Christian women. Shudders. Anyway, they paint the room and pick out new bedspreads and curtains. Jessa comes over to check out the new room and talks about how much she misses the nights of girl time talking with her sisters. I guess her nights are now spent putting out Derp’s boners so I guess I can understand her longing.

Anna has her first midwife appointment for baby number four and it’s a really boring scene so I won’t go into it too much. Josh talks about how much different this pregnancy will be without their family there to support them and having to go to a new midwife than the one they used in Arkansas. By his tone, you’d think babies are literally only successfully born in Arkansas. Weirdo. They bring all of the kids to the visit and Kenzie gets to hold the doppler, which is precious. She’s very excited. All is good with the baby, end boring scene.

The episode ends on a scene that was difficult to watch. As alluded to in previews last week, poor Josie has a seizure. Jim Bob and Michelle were at a conference out of town so Jana and Grandma Duggar were in charge. Guys, it made my heart race to witness it. Josie was turning blue and Jana’s panic put tears in my eyes. She loves that little girl, no question. The paramedics came and rushed her to the hospital. Jana said she seized for close to 10 minutes, which is pretty bad as far as I know. They check her over at the hospital and she’s released the next day. Thankfully, she seems ok. Michelle says that sometimes when she spikes a fever, a seizure comes on. So terrifying. She gets home and Jessa envelopes her in her arms and her and Joy Anna give her a bath. One thing I can say about this family — they really do love each other. I snark and I giggle and I make fun but at the end of the day, they do take care of each other. Mark this occasion, because it will probably be a year before I praise them again. I am sincerely glad that Josie is ok. As a parent, it broke my heart to see her that way.

Tune in next week as it’s time for Jill’s big birth episode! Knowing how it ends makes me sad for her but I’m still excited to see! Have a great week and thanks for reading!

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