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19 Kids And Counting: The Jessa And Ben Wedding Extravaganza

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On to the lame, freezing outdoor reception! Jessa says in interview that their first kiss was “slow and romantic”, just as they had planned. I’m glad for them, they deserve to not be gawked at like animals in the zoo by a bunch of horny fundies. She throws not-so-subtle shade at Jill by vehemently stating how important it was to her and Ben that this kiss be private. Oh, BURN.

Ben looks super derpy and dazed as they eat their marital ice cream and I’m pretty confident he’s fighting off his very first marital boner after that kiss. They share bites of ice cream and naturally, Boob and Michelle come over to them and once again demonstrate How To Kiss. Because this is totally what normal parents do. They talk about their own wedding AGAIN and various family members give marital advice in interview, including never-even-courted John David. Come on, who knows more about marriage than a 25-year old virgin who’s never been alone with a woman?

They kiss about 12 more times in front of the crowd before departing to lose their virginity and see each other naked a few hours after their first kiss. Sure, totally normal and not at all potentially traumatizing. Jana talks about their plans to possibly adopt and Michelle says they may go into ministry together but the overall plan is OF COURSE to have babies. Jessa mentions they are going on a honeymoon to Europe and I was all dayum, Jim Bob. Baller. They exit to everyone’s cheers and ride off into creepy marital bliss.

That’s all for this week but as mentioned, the spotlight is about to be back on Jill as we get a peek into her pregnancy for Baby Dilly. I cannot wait.

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