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19 Kids And Counting: The Wedding Tease Continues

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I’m so sorry because last week, I totally misled you guys when I said that the Duggar-Dillard nuptial episode of 19 Kids And Counting would be this week. The previews said something about “a wedding special” and an hour-long episode. The hour-long part was true but the episode was not the wedding. The Duggars continue to tease us and make us wait. Dammit, Jim Bob.

Moving on. The episode opens with Jim Bob once again whining about losing “his baby daughter” and giving her to Derick. I really wish he would STFU with that sort of talk- she is a grown woman and not his possession to “give”. I know most father’s saying they are giving away their baby girl is sweet and said with love but from him, he honestly means it. She is his until Derick takes possession. That makes me cringe so hard.

We are now feasting our eyes on the world’s most awkward fro-yo date. Jim Bob, Michelle, Jill and Derick are having what is apparently their weekly pre-marriage counseling session. In her eerily calm interview voice, Michelle explains that they cover a different topic each week and have already gone over family relationships, how to handle stress and INTIMACY. Can we imagine a squickier scenario than discussing intimacy in your future marriage with your parents? I suppose for them, it’s normal but for regular folks, I think we would all rather shove hot bamboo shoots under our nails than discuss marital intimacy with our parents.

This week’s creepy parental counseling session centers around finances. Poor Derick is in the hot seat with Jim Bob questioning him about whether his parents buy new or used cars, how Derick would handle car trouble if he didn’t have the money saved for the repairs and whether the guy has any student loan debt. Nightmare father-in-law, thy name is Jim Bob. I mean, where in the hell does this guy get off? Had my parents questioned my husband’s finances before we got married, I think he would have run and never looked back.These discussions should be between Derick and Jill only. Jim Bob gets Derick to say that he would not go into debt to fix his broken car, which makes me wonder how Derick plans to get to work if he has no way of driving there. I’m sure Jim Bob has the answer to that predicament too but the episode didn’t let us hear his holy word.

The next scene shows us the pimped out mansion that Derick and Jill will live in until it’s sold. It is a property Jim Bob owns and was planning to flip eventually but for now, it’s the newlywed love nest. I’m sure Jim Bob had it bugged for maximum over-lording potential. He can’t let them off to their own devices just because they’re married- gotta keep tabs.

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