18-Month-Old’s Developmental Milestones: A Complete Guide

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Your 18-month-old’s developmental milestones are full of excitement: You’re going to see more movement, more playing, more independence (when it comes to asking for what she wants, getting undressed, and even eating.) She’s going to become more opinionated, more energetic, and yes, harder to handle and keep up with. Yes, that probably means more stress for you, but watching your toddler grow up and develop new skills will be well worth it. Just be grateful you’re still a few months away from the terrible twos.

It’s worth noting that all children develop at different rates. If your child isn’t hitting each one of these 18-month-old’s developmental milestones perfectly, that’s totally normal, so there’s no need to panic. You might want to speak with your pediatrician if your child can’t walk by 18-months or has a vocabulary of six words or less (the CDC has more information on when you should be concerned about your child’s development.) Otherwise, an 18-month-old’s developmental milestones typically include these important actions and activities.

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