15-Year-Old Kendall Jenner Being Exploited Once Again With Sexy Swim Suits

Kendall Jenner‘s mother and manager, Kris Jenner, recently consented to her daughter modeling bondage high heels and it appears she wasn’t even getting started when it comes to sexualizing her daughter. Kendall is photographed here modeling suits for White Sands, an Australian swimsuit company.

Teenage girls, of course, romp around the beach in bikinis and I’m in no way suggesting that girls should wear shapeless burlap sacks well into college. But there is a profound difference between your 15 year old begging for a bikiniĀ  versus making her the face of a swimsuit campaign. Aside from the sick component of asking grown woman to idolize the figure of a young teenager, Kris is marketing her daughter with sex appeal.

We’re not looking at string bikinis here. In fact, I think the suits are quite tasteful compared to what’s on some of the racks I see. But the viewer is nevertheless being given permission to study the body of an underage girl — and an explicitly underage girl at that. Looking over the nameless young girls sprawled out in the pages is Vogue is ambiguous, but everyone who is familiar with the Kardashians knows how young this girl is and that is part of the intended draw.

(photo: people.com)

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