15 Princess Halloween Costumes Done Right

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Princess Halloween costumes come in a variety of shades, many of them lame. If your kid is vying to be a princess this year, a quick trip to your mediocre Halloween store will probably yield something like this in a bag for $19.99:

cinderella costume

Those who aren’t necessarily Hallowen enthusiasts or who look for a low maintenance Halloween experience may be content with something so sad (and nothing really is sad like a SAD princess Halloween costume. I reckon it has something to do with a lackluster petticoat). But as a princess costume aficionado of many, many years, I say either go big or home. And “big” is not limited to nor defined as pricey or even extravagant. There are plenty of princess looks that stray from princess-ly conventions, either in execution or aesthetic. Here are an assortment of upscale, middle-scale, and DIY princess looks:

1. Sofia the First

$225 from

2. DIY King and Queen

Martha Stewart

Instructions from Martha Stewart

3. Merida with Bow and Arrows

$79.99 at

4. Perfect Snow White

$99.99 at

5. DIY Princess Leia

All Things With Purpose

Instructions from All Things With Purpose

6. DIY Purple Princess (not too fancy for sneakers!)

Instructions from

7. Ursula from The Little Mermaid

$40.00 at

8. Princess Tiana

$55+ at

9. DIY Snowflake Princess 


Instructions from Inhabitat

10. Ariel

$60 at

11. Pre-Fairy Godmother Cinderella

$40+ at

12. Pink Princess (great for cold weather!)

$30 at

13. Baby Snow White

$62 at

14. “Provincial” Belle

$33.95 at

15. Rapunzel Hair Piece

$17.75 at