14-Year-Old Girl’s Sex Tape Goes Viral, Recorded Outside School

A little over a week ago, “Leave Amber Cole Alone” was trending on Twitter. Those who tweeted were insisting that a 14-year-old girl named Amber Cole remain free from cyberbulling after being filmed performing oral sex on an ex-boyfriend. The video itself was not to be found, but screen captions began to surface here and there, and another video followed of a classmate defending the teenager which went viral within 24 hours.

Now Baltimore police are investigating the video which was filmed just outside the high school, and the girl’s father is furious that sites like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter had the footage up for four days. He says that his daughter had no idea that she was being filmed or that the video had been placed on the internet. He maintains that the teen was bullied and harassed into engaging in oral sex.

There were rumors floating over the internet that the girl had committed suicide after the video got circulated all over the interwebs, but Amber is apparently alive and pressing charges. Two boys at her high school who were involved in the filming have been arrested and the teenager has transferred schools.

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Much like Angie Varona who suddenly became an internet sex icon after some private images were hacked, Amber is one of a recent trend of girls finding themselves with a creepy fan base on the internet — and without their consent. While it’s easy to blame the girl’s behavior, it’s important to consider that potentially millions of people committed a felony by watching and sharing this video of an underage girl.

Kid’s having sex on campuses and behind buildings is nothing new, but the ability to share those moments with others is just getting more out of hand given our devices and instant social media platforms. These girls are not criminals, but those who actively film them and share images of them sure are.

(photo: Jezebel)

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