These 14 Breastfeeding Memes Will Help With Your Next 3 AM Feed

Breastfeeding is no easy task. While some produce milk with ease, others struggle to make even an ounce. Then if you’re producing lots, your baby might have issues latching on. That’s not all. Breastfeeding is taxing on a mother’s body. You’ll need to eat more and require more rest, but because you have a newborn, you won’t really get it. It’s a true labor of love, and that’s why sometimes the only thing we’ve got left is the ability to laugh at it all. That’s why we’re hoping these breastfeeding memes help you during your next 3 a.m. feed.

1. What ya thinking?

Ever wonder what babies are thinking while they latch on? This meme seems to have a good idea.

2. Moms be like

Wouldn’t it be easier for breastfeeding to have clothing that tears away as easily as a wrestler’s? Hah

3. Before and after

This before and after of the engorgement experience is spot on.

4. More hands

What mom can’t relate to accidentally leaving your lifeline (a.k.a. Your cellphone) juuuuust far enough out of reach?

5. That moment when…

It’s certainly an exciting time for every hungry breastfed baby.

6. Good vs evil

Ah, yes. When the forces of good and evil plot against you. Never fun.

7. Again?

There’s always that moment when all you want and NEED is sleep, and your partner is just snoring away. Must be nice”¦

8. Expectation vs reality

I totally made this false assumption, too. Definitely not all sweet and glamorous as so many posed photos might make us believe.

9. Not you

The worst is when you know your partner could at least attempt to bottle feed your kiddo, but the little one is just having absolutely nothing to do with them.

10. That face

For the extended breastfeeding mamas. We see you. You’re doing awesome. Don’t let the haters get you down.

11. Oh, really?

Hah. I’m sure a lot of adults out there wish that trick worked for them, too. (Note: It doesn’t.)

12. Yep, crying.

Gosh, as someone who struggled to make barely any milk, this is just too damn true.

13. Multi-useful

I mean, who can blame kids. Those pumping supplies are like something from another planet.

14. What you see vs them

Because sometimes it feels like that’s all they really want us for.

Which one is your favorite? Do you relate with any of these? Let us know in the comments!

(Image: Pexels / Nikolay Osmachko)

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