13-Year-Old Boy Suspended For Carrying A Purse To School

A 13-year-old eight grader from Kansas was suspended yesterday for refusing to take off his purse. If I was his mother I would be proud of him for refusing such a stupid request because – well, just because it’s totally stupid.

It was a Vera Bradley purse. Vera Bradley purses are known for their bright colors and signature flowers and paisleys. I think they are pretty hideous, but he’s not being suspended for bad taste.


From the looks of the image on the news, this is close to the design he was carrying. So it’s basically just a shoulder bag with some flowery design. What is the problem here?

Skylar Davis was summoned to the principal’s office after he refused to take the bag off. He refused once again, and they suspended him. From KCTV5:

School personnel then called his mother, Leslie Willis, to come get her son.

“I was a little furious, and I called the school [and spoke to Hillard] to reverify the story, and yeah, he refused to take off his Vera Bradley bag, nothing more to do it,” Willis said.

She said she reviewed the student handbook but did not see a mention to bags or purses. She questions the suspension and the timing.

“Skylar has been going to school since August with that same Vera Bradley bag on, hasn’t taken it off. What is the problem?” she asked.

The assistant principal claims the suspension will not be lifted until he stops wearing the purse. Well, if this were my son there may be a little stand still, because that is just stupid. I would love to hear what his reason is for the suspension, but he hasn’t given one publicly yet. I’m going to guess it is something along the lines of, “boys don’t like flowers. Boys shouldn’t wear purses.” How stupid is this?

(photo: Amazon)

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