13 Funniest Vasectomy Memes

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There comes a time in many responsible male’s lives when a more permanent solution to birth control becomes essential. Sure, condoms are a good option for some, but there’s always the risk of a mistake being made. Your partner might be on birth control pills or other hormonal contraception, but these can cause problems in the long run. So what am I referring to? Vasectomies, of course! Vasectomies are fantastic and most importantly, effective. And if you or your partner are about to get one, why not try to go into it lighthearted by checking out some of these funny vasectomy memes?

1. If you’re hoping to convince your partner to finally get snipped, maybe a gift certificate is the way to go?

Cheezburger Memebase / Very Demotivational

Image: via Cheezburger Memebase / Very Demotivational

2. If you’re feeling a bit passive aggressive, you could always add a little insult to your guy’s injury:

Cheezburger Memebase/ anaselmbe

Image: via Cheezburger Memebase/ anaselmbe

3. If you dig puns, then this one will certainly make you chuckle:

Cheezburger Memebase / zeldario

Image: via Cheezburger Memebase / zeldario

4. I…totally don’t recommend anyone going the DIY route. Interesting marketing choice, though!

Cheezburger Memebase / GrinningRat

Image: via Cheezburger Memebase / GrinningRat

5. Well, uh, gee…that escalated quickly.

Memecenter / memoryfracture

Image: via Memecenter / memoryfracture

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6. Hey man, whatever helps with the post-op pain, right?

Image via Imgflip

Image via Imgflip

7. Sure, we love our kids. But sometimes we’ve, well, had enough of all that racket.

Image via Memegenerator

Image: via Memegenerator

8. Ah, so that’s how it’ll feel… Thanks for the heads up, Bill!

Image via Memegenerator

Image: via Memegenerator

9. Hrm…well, the doc’s kinda got a point.

Image via Someecards

Image: via Someecards

10. Apparently there’s a National Vasectomy Day!

Maybe you can print this one out as a card for your significant(ly snipped) other:

Image via Memegenerator

Image: via Memegenerator

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11. Yeah, it doesn’t seem like the kind of thing you want to skimp on, yanno? Maybe use a Groupon for dinner later instead…

Image via Quickmeme

Image: via Quickmeme

12. Wonder if men realize just how much of a turn on that can actually be…

Image via Someecards

Image: via Someecards

13. And finally…slow clap for this gentleman:

Image via Livememe

Image: via Livememe

Which one is your favorite? Let us know what you think and if you have another fun meme to share, hit us up in the comments.