Mother Trumps All Those 12/12/12 Weddings By Having Baby At 12:12 On 12/12/12 After 12-Hour Labor

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Beat that 12/12/12 wedding seekers! Many may have been after that everlasting trinity nuptials date but a mother welcomed her nine pound and one ounce baby with an even more impressive string of 12121212.

Associated Press reports that the newborn, Noelle Joy Klinker, has a birth certificate that could make you blink a few times. The 21.5-inch-long infant slid into Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston last night at precisely 12:12 p.m. on December 12th, 2012. But there was a little bit of planning on mother Colleen Klinker‘s part:

Her proud papa, a 31-year-old Coast Guard lieutenant and public affairs officer, said the timing was mostly a coincidence. At 12:11 p.m., Colleen Klinker saved the final push until the clock ticked to a minute later.

Nothing like glancing over at the clock at the tail end of labor and having a little giggle. Love a parent who can manage to work a little quirk into the delivery room. Especially after another coincidental 12 hours of labor.

Despite the Klinker’s very, very special trinity of trinities for baby Noelle, their daughter’s birth also reportedly holds a special place in their hearts due to profound loss. The couple lost a daughter, named Melody, in childbirth in October 2011. For that reason, the couple describes Noelle as a “special blessing” in 2012. All the more reason to have “12” echo throughout her arrival.

(photo: Ahturner / Shutterstock)