Teens Allegedly Rape 12-Year-Old At Gunpoint, Post Video On FB, And Bad Parenting Is Probably Involved

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12 Year Old Raped At Gunpoint By Three Teens In ChicagoA 12 year old girl allegedly went to visit a boy in his home in Chicago and ended up being dragged to the basement where she was raped and sodomized by him and two of his friends in December. Because this is what teens do these days, the boys videotaped the attack and shared it on their Facebook pages. Parents, I have said this a million times, but this is exactly why you want to “friend” your kids on social media and stalk the hell out of them. From Opposing

Prosecutors said the 12-year-old girl came to the house to speak with Fritz, and he allegedly demanded sex from her. The girl saw that Brown had a gun in his pocket.

She was then taken downstairs into the basement where Fritz allegedly raped and sodomized her. Prosecutors said he called Brown and Applewhite downstairs and told her to have sex with the other boys. When she refused, Brown pulled out his gun.

The girl was sexually assaulted and forced to perform sex acts on them while Fritz videotaped it. On the footage, which shows all three of the suspects, Brown can be seen holding a gun during sex and all three of the boys shout gang slogans on camera.

The three boys, ages 16 and 15, had access to a gun and two of the boys are co-defendents in an unrelated robbery and aggravated battery case. Not to get all judgy on the parents here, but if your kid was in trouble for other alleged law breaking, would you really be letting them leave the house, much less have access to a gun? All three teenagers were ordered held in lieu $900,000 bail Friday for aggravated criminal sexual assault and are set to appear back in court on June 6th.

I know I’m screaming into the ether here, but parents really need to be more involved with their teens and what they are doing after school and who they are with and what they are posting on social media and whether or not they have access to freakin’ firearms. I realize it can be argued that maybe the parents work and they had no idea what their little darlings were up to, but when we decide to bring these little humans into the world we have a moral and social obligation to get all up in their business and raise them not to be rapists and criminals. I have no information on the victim in this case, but hopefully she is getting the support and therapy she probably desperately needs.

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