12-Year-Old Cancer Patient Tells Make-A-Wish He Wants to ‘Blow Stuff Up,’ They Comply

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Make-A-Wish is such a great charity. Their mission is to grant “wishes” for seriously ill children, and while often those wishes are for things like meeting celebrities, family trips, or special toys, sometimes kids come up with really unusual requests. This year a 12-year-old Australian boy with cancer told Make-A-Wish that his wish was to “blow stuff up.”

“Cool, dude,” Make-A-Wish said.

It’s an unusual request, but not an impossible one if you know where to find people who know how to safely and legally blow stuff up, so Make-A-Wish contacted the Australian Federal Police and said they had a 12-year-old named Declan who has leukemia and that his dream was to blow stuff up. Could they help?

The Australian Federal Police’s Specialist Response Group was absolutely eager to help out a little kid with cancer, especially if it involved getting to blow stuff up, which they do on the regular.

“We’re the breaching team, so it’s pretty much one of our specialties,” said Sergeant Peter Murphy to ABC News Australia.

They put together a two-day program of police training exercises for him, so Declan got a lesson in how to use explosives to blow stuff up, and then he got to go through several different police scenarios and blow things up. He blew up doors. He blew open shipping containers. He blew a brick wall to pieces. He even rescued people from a mock hostage crisis. It was totally sweet.

He also got to ride in an armored car and on a boat with the water police.

According to ABC, Declan’s cancer is in remission. He and his family had a pretty cool adventure, and if he wants to continue blowing stuff up into adulthood, it sounds like he has a line on a good job.

“He’s got an aptitude,” Sergeant Murphy said.