11-Year-Old Mayor Renames Street For Justin Bieber

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There’s this bit from Phineas & Ferb that my husband keeps laughing about. Candace, the sister, gets excited when the parents finally realize that the boys are engaged in some bad behavior:

Candace: (clearly overjoyed) What are you gonna do to them? No TV for a month? Or they have to serve me for a year. (gasps) How about confiscating their toolbox? (gasps) I know! Take away their seats on the city council!

Linda: You have seats on the city council?

Phineas: We rotate out with the Board of Selectmen.

But apparently some kids do rotate out with the Board of Selectmen! Rotating-mayor-for-a-day Caroline Gonzalez took advantage of her stint as the head of Forney, Texas. She renamed a street in her Dallas-area city for Justin Bieber. This is literally exactly the same thing my children would do if they ever got executive power. That’s the real street sign above. The AP reports that Gonzalez won a contest designed to get young people more interested in local government. She’s on her student council and is active with community service. The sign cost the city about $20. She’s starting small. I’m sure she’ll be legislating some massive pork projects from the halls of Congress within about 20 years. Or authoring the Justin Bieber Endangered Species Act or something.