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11 Amazing Moms Who Inspire Us Everyday

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Being a parent is hard. Even in the most ideal circumstances, it can be a daily struggle. Add to that trying to start or maintain a business, or suffering a personal tragedy, and it becomes infinitely harder. Moms do the impossible everyday, and make it look easy. When we’re in the trenches, we look to other moms for inspiration. Moms who’ve overcome hardship. Or moms who make this all look easy, even though we know it is not. It helps to know we are not alone! We’ve rounded up 11 absolutely kick-ass moms who inspire us, to show that moms truly do it all. And no one does it better.

Jessica Mendoza, Olympic medalist and ESPN Analyst

Jessica played softball for Stanford, and went on to play for Team USA in the 2004 and 2008 Olympics, where she helped the team bring home gold and silver. In 2015, she became the first woman in the broadcaster booth for ESPN’s College World Series coverage, and the first woman analyst for a Major League Baseball game in the network’s history. When she’s not delivering commentary on baseball, she spends her time wrangling her three boys. We all know which job is the hardest, right?

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