10 Weird Places Toddlers Sleep

Kids have many, many fun positions that they can twist themselves into whenever a nap strikes them but there’s another facet to the utter randomness that is kid sleep: location, location, location. Some tired kids will sleep just about anywhere the mood strikes them, no special blankie or stuffed toy required. Be careful when vacuuming under that table.

1. The side of the couch with no cushion

toddler asleep no cushion

(photo: (photo:  orenax))

2. The bathroom floor

toddler asleep bathroom floor

(photo: orenax)

3. Under that random table

toddler under table asleep

(photo: orenax)

4. On the kitchen table

kid asleep on table

(photo:  faeries517)

5. On the coffee table

coffee table nap

(Photo:  orenax)

6. In their various play seats

baby asleep play seat

(photo:  SavaTheAggie)

7. Under a mountain of toys

kid asleep under toys

(photo: Obajoo)

8. On your toilet paper

toddler asleep grocery store

(photo: shesonit)

9. Under your dresser

kid asleep under dresser

(photo: whitneymcole)

10. In the middle of your messy living room

kid asleep toys everywhere

(photo: Tom Carmony)

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