10 Ways To Make A Baby Shower An Actual Fun Party That People Will Remember

A baby shower is a party, guys – It should feel like one. You don’t have to spend the afternoon gazing at a diaper cake and watching someone open gifts. Here are a few little things you can do to make your guests smile – or snicker, which is just as good.

Have a Mimosa Bar

Always have enough booze for a party – even a baby shower. Mimosa bars are great because guests can help themselves – which is always a load off the hostess. Get some Champagne, Cava or Prosecco and some fruit purees – Mango and Raspberry are delicious. If you are going to have OJ, avoid the fresh-squeezed stuff because it reacts with the bubbly and makes a mess.

 Make A Gift Circle

Have all of your guests sit in a circle and open one gift. Everyone goes, oooh, aahhh, how cute, look at this one – and passes the gift around. One person is in charge of keeping a list of who brought what so you can send specific thank you notes. This will knock about an hour off of the snoozefest gift opening, while still allowing everyone to see all the cute baby stuff.

 Ban The Diaper Cake



Can we all just agree that these things are totally dumb? Am I alone in liking the diapers I put on my baby’s butt to come out of a sealed package? If you actually use the diapers, you have to dismantle the thing first – and if you don’t it just ends up collecting dust in your garage.

 Have A Money Cake Instead


If you must have an inedible cake – make it out of money. It’s gloriously tacky and it’s money so it will always be utilized. The catch is – you need quite a bit of money to make this happen. But, the diaper cake above costs almost $100 too, if you buy it assembled. Inedible cakes are dumb.



What evil genius created these? I still haven’t had one, but I’m told they are life-changing. Look at this thing! There have been lines forming daily to get one of these things in NYC. It’s like the hippest, most exclusive treat, ever! Your baby shower just got awesome.

Give Out A Joke Favor Bag

Start handing out goody bags of flavored condoms as favors. Just to a few guests – just long enough to get a kick out of the looks on their faces. If your friends have a sense of humor they will find this funny. If they don’t, well… never mind.

Invite Men

Can we get over the “only women are interested in babies” idea?

No Games Allowed That Simulate Poop/ Changing Diapers

Poop isn’t cute or fun. Fake poop isn’t cute or fun. Changing diapers is the most tedious thing in the world. The end.


Music makes a party and a baby shower is no exception to this rule. Make a fun playlist – do something like only use songs with the word “baby” in them; Baby I Love You, Ice Ice Baby, Baby Got Back – a nice mix of truly great songs with a few horrific ones thrown in will keep your guests on their toes.

Vagina Cake


They’re all the rage. Anyone who could cut into a giant vagina and serve it up to Nana clearly has a fantastic sense of humor. Or is deranged. This may disturb about 85 percent of your guests – but your party will be remembered.

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