10 Times You Will Regret Having Kids

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Saying that you regret having your children is not exactly the kind of sentiment that can be blurted out in your weekly knitting circle. At least not sober. A few glasses of wine and maybe it blubbers up in some of your weaker, more intimate moments between damn good friends. And that’s okay! Raising tiny humans is tough, tough business and fleeting moments of utter and all-consuming frustration are normal, despite what the mythologies of motherhood will have you believe. Here are 10 scenarios in which your regret is likely to pop up:

1. When you can’t go on that amazing vacation because you have to buy dumb things like groceries. And diapers.

grocery bill

(photo:  Mrs Amanda Davis)

2. When your kids start counting OUTLOUD all the people of different races in the room

3. When you have the stomach flu


(photo:  Gerard Stolk (vers l’automne))

4. When everyone in the Target line is looking at you during an epic tantrum-a-thon

5. When you’re hungover and have no sitter

6. When they’re with you in the DMV line

dmv line

(photo: obkimmer)

7. When they ask not pregnant strangers when their baby is coming

8. The first time they say, “I hate you”

9. Every time you read an article about how much less money you will make as a working mom

10. When they’re all grown up and stick you in a nursing home

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